Saucony | "We Who Run"

I love this brand. I love this brand so f*ckin much. Since middle school (even when I was getting made fun of for wearing their shoes). So getting the opportunity to provide them with a new purpose and direction was everything.

We made an anthem film, a four-episode content series, and a bunch of little web films…all celebrating the great democracy known as running. It was great. Take a look. And buy Sauconys.

A.1. | "A.1. For Life"

Not everyone loves A.1. But those who do, LOVE IT. They put it on everything. Cereal. Ice cream. Tacos. Everything. So for the first campaign they ran in over a decade, we celebrated those who live A.1. no matter what anyone else thinks. 

We launched with a full-page New York Times spread, then made a bunch of fun stuff like the A.1. Collection – a line of limited edition sauce carrying accessories – the A.1. Games – a series of challenges to prove your passion for A.1. – and the A.1. Black Card– a card that guaranteed the holder shipment of A.1. anytime, anywhere. 

It was fun as hell. My office did smell like A.1. for about a month. That wasn't so fun. 

Garland Jack's | "The Summer of Sauce'um Tour"

We had to launch this weird little BBQ sauce brand. So we positioned it as the sauce that's ignores all the rules and bullshit around BBQ, and instead only focuses on having fun and eating. 

So to launch it, we obviously put a guy in a chicken suit and obviously had him carry BBQ's eternal flame across the country to reignite the passion for eating BBQ that's gotten lost amongst all the pressure to do things "right." 

Oh, and we also made him a pretty bitchin' van.